Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

Initial Nutrition Assessment 


During the initial assessment, I help identify the areas of nutrition concern which serves as a starting point for achieving optimal nutrition health. Medical and nutrition history is reviewed along with a food record, physical activity habits, and available blood work as necessary. Initial health goals are discussed and set for long and short-term lifestyle changes. 


Nutrition Follow Up


During the follow up visits, I provide continued guidance for nutrition and health goals. Both long and short-term goals are reassessed, appropriate nutrition education is given, food diaries are reviewed, and on-going support provided for nutritional concerns. These follow-ups allow clients to set their own pace and set priorities for long-term lifestyle changes to achieve personal health goals. 

Let’s go shopping!

Supermarket Tours


Don’t feel overwhelmed by food options in your grocery store – let me guide you through the aisles to help you make healthy, delicious and money savvy choices. I will provide a brief lesson on how to read a food label and help you create a supermarket game plan to navigate your shopping trip.  

And start living healthy TODAY